Electronic Harassment


Hello all,

My pen name is Liberty Writer.  I’m a speech therapist by profession educated at the masters degree level (I’m also a certified health coach and a certified aromatherapist) and discovered I was being targeted with electronic weapons in August, 2015.  Since my targeting began I have been tortured very severely, often very extremely, which has only propelled me to passionately pursue activism activities hence the birth of this website.

I have received severe electronic torture including severe suffocation, severe burns (sensory), shocks, pain, headaches, severe sudden GI disturbances, voice to skull technology, and electronic sexual assaults nearly on a daily basis, day and night, often very severe, and severe sleep deprivation, along with mental manipulation, and other symptoms. Many have speculated these technologies are human experimentation and/or hate crimes. I call it electronic terrorism regardless of its possible experimentation nature, because whether or not they are collecting data and experimenting with torture techniques, they are still terrorizing their victims who are mostly innocent civilians.

I earnestly hope that you will get as much as possible from all that I have provided here for the global community.  Together we can make a difference and end this atrocious crime against humanity.  Feel free to comment and engage in discussions.



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