Electronic Harassment


If you are currently experiencing any degree of harassment, either from organized stalking and/or electronic harassment, then one of the things that most victims become most passionate about is activism.  Victims, families, supporters, and advocates can all engage in activism.  I have included below a list of ideas to help you take action today on this critical matter that truly affects all of us.

Some of the things we need most to help our cause are:  1. Education to the public, just like the issue of GMO foods has tons of grassroots efforts in the media and online educating people, that is exactly what we need for our cause, too.  2.  Contact with political leaders to educate them and convince them we demand change in this area which must include policy changes and political support at the highest levels.  3.  Developing shielding and protection strategies as well as frequency detection methods.

I am in the process of editing and working on sample form letters and contact resources to help make it easier for others to do activism activities.  Wherever you see “I have included a sample letter here” types of sentences is where I plan on adding the links to the examples I am working on providing.  If there is no link then I have not uploaded any samples or info yet on that item.  In the meantime, please feel free to take these ideas and do them anyway on your own!




4/2/16:  Success!  I recently submitted Dr. Ben Colodzin’s letter to professionals about TIs (google it, it’s easy to find) to the psychcentral website to include as one of their resources.  I found out they ACCEPTED it and will be listing it as an official resource on their website now!



1.   Write letters to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the ACLU, The World Can’t Wait, the International Criminal Court, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the United Nations, Center for Constitutional Rights.

2.  Sign this petition:    https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-put-an-emergency-order-in-place-and-follow-up-with-subsequent-legislation-to-end-abuses-involving-gang-stalking-electronic-harassment-and-direct-energy-weapons

3.  Talk about electronic harassment and gangstalking on various chat room platforms.  One suggestion is PalTalk.  You can also form your own chatroom on the subject and host discussions.  There is also Project Avalon.

4.   Make and print flyers and distribute them to help educate people.  If you would like a copy of my flyer you can download it here, and feel free to modify them as you wish:   Educational Flyers You can distribute flyers at rallies, seminars, political talks, door to door in your neighborhood, on cars, etc.  I purposely left this file as a word document which you can edit, instead of a pdf file that can not be edited.

5. Write letters to politicians.  Send educational packets to local city mayors and city councils, state representatives, members of congress, etc.

6.  Write letters to as many lawyers as you can educating them on the subject so that they are more likely to accept these types of cases in the future.  Include reference to the case by Kyllo vs US.

7.   Write letters to as many psychiatrists as you can educating them on the subject so that they are more likely to be more open minded when patients come to see them and complain of symptoms of electronic harassment.

8.  Write letters to as many consumer advocates, and media journalists (especially alternative media journalists) as you can educating them on the subject so that they are more likely to report on it and help educate the public.  I have included an evolving list of journalists to contact here: Journalists.

9.   Send complaints and education packets to FBI offices.  When contacting the FBI you must list the FEDERAL laws that were violated.  Additionally, you must know that the FBI is likely complicit in these crimes, according to NSA whistleblower Diane Roarke. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use the current legal system, of which the FBI is a part of.  So keep contacting them and doing everything you can to work with them.  Their actions are recorded, and our efforts must get recorded somehow and eventually we can make a difference using the current legal system. We don’t stop just because there is corruption.  We must persevere.  Did Mr. Luther King give up after not ending slavery after the first rally?  Demand justice and persist within the current corrupt system.   Here is my sample letter and suggested list of articles to include in this packet.  Here is a list of FBI offices you can contact.  You can also gather a group of other like minded individuals and hole educational meetings with local FBI offices.  I know they have done this in several places.  But again, when contacting FBI you must communicate with them in a manner that addresses the federal laws violated as that is their jurisdiction.


10.   If you’re a writer, work on writing a screenplay and submit it to movie producers.  This will help educate the public as movies are often easier to digest than written material.  A fiction movie with a plot involving gangstalking and electronic harassment can go a very long way in educating the public and helping them see these things may be possible.  Currently, Dr. John Hall is producing such a movie to help educate the public, even though it’s fiction.   If you need guidance, go to your local public library and search for books on how to do screenwriting.  There are also some YouTube lessons on it to help get you started.  The more screenplays with this subject matter that movie producers receive the better.  Remember the rejection rate is high in the world of writing so keep submitting your writing to many producers and don’t give up.

11.   If you have experienced gangstalking/electronic harassment, write a book about it.  Writing your memoir helps educate the public by telling your story.  The more stories we have out there the more education we can provide to the public and we can compare patterns that show up in our stories as documented evidence of our attacks.

12.  Create a public service announcement.  This is great for people who love to write.  There are some radio stations and newspapers that will publish them for free, otherwise they will give you a substantial discount for showing them non-profit organization documentation.  You can simply approach a non-profit that advocates for civil rights, particularly a TI organization, and ask to work with them to create a PSA on their behalf.

13.  NSA surveillance may be a HIPAA violation which affects the medical community.  I am still researching this and figuring out how to take action in this area.  I know that the NSA is able to gain access to any electronic record without requesting permission.   If you are knowledgeable about HIPAA regulations in medical practice feel free to research this area more and take action in contacting key personnel to help advocate for them to take action to put a stop to excessive NSA surveillance.  If we can make intrusive NSA surveillance stop that is one step away from making the electronic terrorism stop because they can’t attack people they can’t see.

14.  Hold a benefits dinner/concert (or a sports event like a 10k walk) for the purpose of educating the public.  Give flyers/educational packets for everyone to take with them.

15.  The other day I had a little girl come into my office where I work and ask if I’d buy a bracelet she made for $1 to help her raise money to donate to Pennies for Patients.  I was struck by this little girl’s compassionate heart to give to others in such a creative and clever way.  It gave me the idea that people can do things, create things to sell, or exchange a service such as raking lawns in the Fall  and donate 10% to an organization that supports targeted individuals, or one of the international organizations, and leave them with an educational flyer, or save the money to do more activism activities yourself.

16.  Send letters to US veterans explaining what is happening with electronic terrorism.  They may be very likely to listen given their obvious stance on fighting for freedom.  You may just send letters or you can send a whole educational packet, it’s up to you.

17.   I know of one person who purchased billboard space educating the community about electronic harassment.  If you can afford it, you can also create a billboard ad to educate the community.  You can also place an ad on a blimp.  You can also purchase radio air time to create a radio commercial.

18.   Create business cards if you want a fancier, more compact way to educate the public.  You can hand out business cards with information about electronic harassment to quickly grab people’s attention and give them the information they need.  Dave Voigts will be handing out business cards in his educational efforts as he hikes the American Discovery Trail to raise awareness for TIs.  He also included those smart phone codes on them.

19.   Create T-shirts to sell or give away to friends and family.  They become walking billboards to help spread the message about the crimes against humanity currently happening covertly.  When the silent holocaust that is happening gets exposed, it is easier to make it stop.

20.   Create your own website/blog educating the public about electronic harassment/gangstalking.  It’s easy to do.  You can start a free blog with Word Press.  You can go to Udemy.com and take many of their courses (some free!) to learn how to create your own websites.

21.   Get on a talk show and share your story.  You can also participate in any reality TV show or game show and just mention the subject educationally.

22.  Share the message in as many social media platforms as you can.  Like websites that educate about this subject.  Tweet about visiting these websites.  Start discusions on this subject on your facebook page.

23.  Hold educational “Tupperware parties”.  In other words, hold a party to do one thing, such as sell tupperware, or Scentsy, or to share a dinner party or cooking various recipes in a cooking demonstration, or like a mini “Fall festival” in the community and use the opportunity to educate people with flyers, etc.,

24.   Contact women’s rights groups with educational packets and file formal complaints.  The perpetrators of these crimes tend to pick women as targets.  According to at least 2 surveys at least 70% of targets are women.  And many of their harassment techniques involve sexual assault either in person or using their remote electronic weapons (most typical).

25.  Contact university science departments to educate them about electronic crimes.  It might pique their interest and they might do research in the area that may help us.  Many of them are already involved in mind control types of research.

26.  Contact political leaders and members of congress/government to pass regulations to monitor and regulate EMF levels in the US like they do in most other countries.  EMF levels should be monitored to not pass certain levels.  Additionally, all frequencies in our atmosphere should be monitored, and this will help reveal the use of military grade exotic frequencies against civilians.  Here is a list of members of congress:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oIRfLMv5QO7Hfm0ZFzLJ50CzHwOdIcHCEt2td-5AONw/edit?usp=sharing

27.  At least 70% of victims of electronic torture are women, according to 2 surveys.  And most victims will suffer some degree of electronic sexual assault.  After my experience contacting RAINN, an organization that helps victims of sexual assault, I decided to tailor an educational activism letter just for them.  I have since sent a letter to RAINN.

28.  Put banners and bumper stickers on your car with a clever slogan about electronic harassment to educate the public.  You can include a link to an informational website to lead them to more info.

31.  Create a PowToon to help educate the public.