Electronic Harassment


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This is a list of useful articles that can be used in your activism campaigns and to educate friends, family and community.  As I find more documents and resources I will be adding more.


book-v-the-targeting-of-myron-may-florida-state-university-g: This is the complete book about Myron May.  The story is very interesting reading for those of you who would like to understand his story.  He was a targeted individual who was in the media.

bioeffectsofsnlwpns:  Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons:  This article was obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request.  It discusses the studied and known biological affects of some of the energy weapons.

Dr. John Hall open letter:  Dr. John Hall’s excellent letter regarding targeted individuals and a call to action.  This is an excellent letter to include in your educational packets to give to people.

eleanor-whites-coping-writings-for-oseh:  Eleanor White has written some suggestions for coping with these crimes.

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons:  A nice, brief article by Stephen Lenden summarizing the plot of targeted individuals via energy weapons and also discusses some historical human experiments with nuclear radiation.

Frequencies Detection Information:  A list of frequencies registered with the FCC.  You can use your frequency scanning results to see if they match any of these.

Cyber Electromagnetic Activities:  This is the U.S. Military’s electromagnetic warfare manual. That is the link to a pdf file.

final-drone-letter:  This is a very excellent important letter to President Obama written by former Air Force service members.  It discusses the atrocities of drones and how they are used in violation of the constitution.  It mentions ISIS, Guantanamo Bay, etc.  Excellent letter.

historyofelectromagneticweapons:  US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights:  A very well written document narrating some of the history of electromagnetic weapons.  Well referenced.

John St. Claire Akwei vs. NSA Ft. Meade, MD USA:  John St. Claire Akwei was the first person (was a member of the NSA) to legally win a case in court against electronic harassment.  This article is a must have.  If you are creating educational packets, or filing a lawsuit this article is a must have in your packets.  It details some of the evidence used in his case.

Joint-Targeting-Joint-Publication-3-60-drone_dod_jp3_60 (1): A rather technical publication about drones.

Julianne McKinney report:  Julianne is a former CIA agent who has written this report on electronic harassment/terrorism.

kucinichspacepreservationact:  This is the Kucinich Space Preservation Act information.  It includes policies against the use of electronic weapons in the atmosphere.

BAE Systems to provide electronic warfare systems for B-2 bomber

Kyllo vs US:  This was a case filed with the US Supreme Court regarding a person in his home who had police officers outside his home search his home using electronic radiological devices.  He won the case as the court established that outside surveillance of a person’s house inside constitutes a warrantless search in violation of the 4th amendment.  This is great documentation to present to lawyers as an established precedent.

LA Herald article 1976 microwaves:  An article in the LA Herald about the use of microwave weapons from way back in 1976.

MICROWAVE BIOEFFECT CONGRUENCE WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA:  This is an excellent article detailing the biological affects of microwave hearing/weapons and the physiological similarities with clinical presentations of schizophrenia.  This is an excellent article to include in your educational packets to psychiatrists, mental/behavioral health professionals and medical professionals.

mindcontroltechnologies:  Nice article mostly on V2K (voice to skull) technology and also covers mind control technologies.

michiganemdevicelaw:  This is the law Michigan passed regarding electronic harassment.  A great resource to include in educational packets.

Mr. Obama, Stop the Privatization of U.S. Intelligence!

New Docs Raise Questions About CIA Spying Here at Home

nsamcpsyops:  Some interesting information about NSA mind control and psyops techniques from long long ago.

On the need for new criteria for dx:  An excellent article written by a psychiatrist regarding the inappropriate diagnosis of mental illness in light of the increasing use of electronic warfare.  An excellent article to include in educational packets.

organized-stalking-informatiion-for-people-for-whom-this-crime-is-a-new-issue:  An informational article written by Eleanor White about Organized Stalking.

patentlist2: A list of patents on some of the various electronic weapons technologies.

pcofthemindbydrjosed:  Physical Control of the Mind: An article by Jose Delgado.

Police support TIs in Richmond CA:  An excellent article to include in your educational packets, especially to law enforcement.

Police using xrays in vans


Remote control of brain activity using ultrasound



scaler waves-commander X



Studies by the US government by Cherl Welsh



The Executive Summary Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report by Robert Duncan A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

The First State Laws on Drones

The mind has no firewall