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Former Naval Officer Treks across America Raising Awareness for Targeted Individuals


Former Naval officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy David Voigts is voyaging across America from Delaware to California along the American Discovery Trail to raise awareness for a growing group of victims including men, women, and children being assaulted with electronic weapons. He has started his journey May 9, and is currently in Indiana. He plans to take at least seven months to complete the trail educating the community while carrying a portable backlit billboard. As Torture Awareness Month in June quickly approaches it is important to bring even more awareness to these crimes.

Voigts has a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets. While in service he became aware of an ongoing illegal non-consensual human experimentation project studying human-machine interface. This illegal and unethical project uses non-consenting victims referred to as “Targeted Individuals” to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim psychologically and physically.

This important social issue affects hundreds of thousands of individuals in America. As these weapons are often used covertly, many victims of this electronic harassment including men, women, and children, may not know they are targeted and are not able to recognize many of the symptoms. Raising social awareness and increasing support on this critical civil rights issue is essential to ending these crimes against humanity. Currently, the Polish minister of defense has opened a formal investigation on these crimes, making them the first country in the world to formally investigate.

During service Voigts heard a holocaust survivor present his story then appealed to the group that if they ever saw anything like that happen again to take action against it. This left an impression on Voigts as he discovered the horrific details of this human experimentation program with electronic weapons. A true American hero, Voigts stated, “I intentionally got myself drafted into the program to help me understand it better to help shut it down.” To learn more and support Voigts in his efforts, see below contact information.

Dave’s Gofundme page:  https://www.gofundme.com/ti-in-america

Dave’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TIinAmericaCrossCountryWalk/timeline

Dave’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/davidvoigts1911

Website:  https://targetedindividualinformationpackage.wordpress.com/





  1. I am a USN decorated sea service airman. I personally wish to encourage more bravery like this example, web site and his activism. His spiritual going forth as a awareness raising vessel of truth. I have sent this link to a few, and hope many more support this officer as he hikes across the US, bravery and courage in the face of criminal V2K mind cruelty, and disabling horror to especially women and children. The mind control hardware needs to be swat teamed and confiscated from mentally ill, and unqualified public. Thank you, David!! What can I do to help STOP this grossly under reported international and local psychological warfare against the human mind, heart and soul.

    • Thank you for your comments. And thanks for sharing the post and info with others. Yes, I am very grateful to David Voigts as well for his courage in taking this trip to raise awareness. Keep doing activism to help us stop these crimes. See the Activism page for some ideas. Thanks!

      • Supplement to my first comment: V2K-RNM-ELF HPM, could rather be in a new ethical oversight, and applied for urgency in real ongoing terrorism, like similar to “those suicide belted”, how can new orientation and training classes, “stop” those suggested? I did not specify which group or allegiance. after one full year of hypnotic peripherals and other over coerced, arrogant duress of multiple felony suggestions and hundreds of witchcraft spells-(administered by the Hawaiian group), I have some how survived, sane and in PTSD insomnia, but still active employed. even while the criminal group in Hawaiian islands, attempt to “disable and harm me while employed, trespassing on my biological transmitter registered # (hippocampus and other brain glandular structures). this has been documented and sent to numerous authorities, and also to alternative medias. these types of freaks enjoy “Trace-ping swarming and paying others with there devices to pinpoint the human anatomy, triggering heart attacks and CNSystem breakdowns”, as occurred to me several times in 2015/16. thank you to David…for an amazing example of courage. even my son, 23, today, knows about V2K and the criminals in Hawaii who are under the STATE OF Hawaii probation system. this will be exposed. RVL

      • Thank you Liberty writer! I am full willing to be interviewed LIVE, and scanned with dev’s…to PROVE i am being attacked by a Hawaiian group, with V2K ELF AND DEW equipment, located at Kalaheo Kaua’i island. i hear a LOT, of daily baiting stories…intimidations generally the group uses squid helmets and pretends to be numerous authorities with multiple sugestions that they have authority over my life. this is 13 months + now, i have offered infowars and it’s editors numerous files for proof, (they are aware of the issue of TI”, and the technical equipment related.) i am full willing and able to be screened and interviewed for a live radio and or internet radio show, broadcast, to share the current pyschological profiles of the people involved using equipment to attack my physical and pyschological being. i would like to describe it, bring into light how they use the weapons against me, and continue in this work of revealing the attacks that are attempting to murder women and children. i admire David Voigts courage and perseverance to be a leader in this fight. the difference key point i have, is that i know the exact location of the technical and other equipment related, at a residential houshold, with the names of these operators in Hawaii. my # is 208 925 0430. feel free to e mail me at : denalibreezzze78@gmail.com . or text my # . my location is still near around Longmont and Boulder Colorado. i have a flexible schedule and willing to travel.

    • Bobby, good to hear there are others appalled by these crimes. I am being microwaved and radiated in Chicago in my condo where entire building has been bribed with tickets, upgrades, cars to participate. I have ‘biomems’ in me. If you can help in any way. I need a lawyer and a surgeon to take these devices out of me.

      • Elizabeth, On last night’s conference call on Shelly’s call to action activism call she mentioned the name of a surgeon who is removing implants from targeted individuals. If you did not listen to the call last night (5/25/16) then you can listen to the recording on the TalkShoe website. Just enter her call ID number 139381 in the search box to find where she has all the recordings and find the recording for 5/25/16. She gives the name and the phone number of the surgeon removing implants.

        Also, Peter Mazzone is a private investigator with a team of lawyers he works with who has already won 3 cases in a row. So you can research that option.

        I heard from another TI in Chicago that she has the support of local police, so I don’t know if you’ve tried reaching out to them or not, but at least for one TI in Chicago I heard from she said she had a positive experience gaining support from local authorities.

        Just know that there is a TON of activism going on right now and that things are looking very positive for our future.

        Hope that helps. Many blessings, and hang in there.

        • Peter Mazzone took $7,000 of my money in advance to bugsweeper my house, cancelled twice and couldn’t tell me when he could come. So when he offered my money back, I said yes. He pretended to be at bank sending money in several
          voice messages that I have. But he did not send money back.

          • I new that guy was a snake he wanted 10,000 up front from me to investigate my targeting. I went with my instincts and declined him. I’m truly sorry he did that to you. I would like to no who recommended him us

          • I think it was James Walbert, or something like that, who presented the TI community with that private investigator and they went on Derrick Robinson’s conference call to present his services to the TI community. He just went on one of the recent nightly conference calls and reported that he, too, was taken advantage of by him and no longer can recommend him.

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  5. This is absolutely amazing, I have been abandoned by my own family when raising awareness of this current threat to our nation, and perhaps world. The government, I believe has been infiltrated and now must be exposed! God will reward you guys tremendously for your valor in revealing such nefarious atrocities conducted on innocent souls.