Electronic Harassment


Here are some sample letters.

One is a sample of my letter I wrote and mailed via certified priority mail to the Attorney General on 4/27/16.  See below my letter for Max’s letter he sent and was so kind in his willingness to share it and allowing me to post it here as an example.  Thank you, Max.  I urge people who have not yet sent a letter to please do so.  It will continue to have a strong affect cumulatively as it joins forces with the mass campaign we just did.  And feel free to re-purpose your letter to your state attorney general as well.  And the third letter is to the ACLU by me.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Dear Attorney General Loretta Lynch;

Recently in Poland the Minister of Defense has just opened a formal 6-month investigation on the use of electronic weapons on civilians.  I am writing to you today to request that you do the same, urgently.  The Minister of Defense in Poland has publicly acknowledged in a press conference that he is knowledgeable about electronic weapons being used experimentally on innocent civilians and has now decided to formally investigate.  I am requesting that you open an immediate formal investigation, as well, in the US.

The US needs to immediately investigate and create legislature against the use of electronic weapons against civilians.  We need legislation passed at the federal level, and an urgent open investigation at the federal level to end these crimes.  Even when victims move to other states they continue to be targeted across state lines, and have difficulty prosecuting to find justice for these crimes.

People who report being attacked by these electronic weapons report symptoms that are not characteristic of typical naturally occurring physiological manifestations but rather they are reporting symptoms consistent with electronic weapons from external sources and symptoms have similarities and patterns collectively among the numerous victims.  In a survey by a non-profit human rights organization, it was discovered that 70% of victims were women, and most were well educated, independent women.

In the Richmond, CA open comments meeting in May, 2015, there were testimonies heard by the community including psychologists, neurologists, and victims of these crimes.  To see the video of this landmark proceeding making Richmond, CA the first city in the US to directly enact a policy (they were supporting and modifying the Kucinich Space Preservation Act), specifically written to support individuals suffering from these electronic attacks, please visit this website at the time point 03:20:00:  http://richmond.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=11&clip_id=3811

I personally found out I was being attacked with directed energy weapons in August, 2015.  It started with extreme sudden sleep deprivation (several days with no sleep at all leading to an ER visit which found nothing medically wrong with me).   The attackers also did severe levels of electronic sexual assault including repeated remote electronic forced orgasms.  In fact, the very first day they started doing the electronic sexual assaults they kept me from sleeping the entire night and did forced orgasms repeatedly, one right after the other, the entire night long.  It was so extreme and excessive that I developed a severe Parkinson’s-like tremor on my chin most likely due to severe dopamine depletion from excessive orgasms.  Since then they have continued to do severe electronic sexual assaults on a daily basis, day and night, often forcing me to scream and cry in agony for prolonged amounts of time.

I have also experienced severe levels of remote electronic suffocation, affecting the inhalation part of respiration, which I have learned is the electronic equivalent of waterboarding, according to Dr. Robert Duncan’s “No-Touch Torture Report”.  They also do various types of pain and sensory changes that are unusual and obviously not physiologically normal.  For example, I have experienced severe shocks and stings, severe coughing and gagging episodes, excessive vomiting with no medical reason for doing so, and I have received the sensation of severe, sometimes even extreme, sudden burning sensations all over my limbs as though they were put directly in a fire.  One day I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night with my left arm completely flaccid as though paralyzed and with a severe excruciating burning sensation on it forcing me to jolt out of bed screaming in horror.  Within a minute or so it was back to normal, but it was highly traumatizing.   I have received a psychological evaluation and have been found to be in good mental health.

I am an intelligent, well educated professional managing a private practice as a speech-language pathologist, having graduated summa cum laude with my B.S., and also with an M.S. degree.  I have received all of these symptoms no matter where I go, even on an airplane when traveling, suggesting the use of satellite technologies, which are obviously sophisticated, advanced and highly classified weapons.  I have contacted the ACLU of Idaho and they responded that they are unable to take my case because they are currently underfunded.

I recently got scanned by a private investigator who discovered 7 unique frequencies being directed at me that were not present in the environment prior to my arrival nor after my departure from her office which was set in a fairly rural area in Missouri.  I also had these frequencies professionally traced.  Some were military frequencies, Dept. of Homeland Security, space research, general federal government, and remote medical monitoring frequencies.  Additionally, on a patch test analyzed by a toxicologist we discovered the presence of nano technology implants in my body. I never consented to any form of research using my mind/body.  I am an innocent civilian just trying to live my life normally.

Recently a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the U.S. Navy is conducting electronic warfare training on public roads in Olympia, WA, (http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/35111-exclusive-navy-secretly-conducting-electromagnetic-warfare-training-on-washington-roads) without regard to the Native American tribes living nearby, the people passing by on the public roads, or the wildlife in the Olympia National Forest.  This came out after 5 years of covert operations on public roads.  If this kind of carelessness is exercised with these electronic weapons, what else could be transpiring covertly?

Given the numbers of reports and complaints, you can be sure that a formal investigation would turn up significant results.  And as many people are currently dying from these crimes and/or suffering extreme levels of torture, we seek emergency protection and assistance in the matter collectively.  No known reliable shielding methods work to stop these attacks and victims are essentially helpless and vulnerable.  There are enough individuals reporting extreme levels of electronic torture (with the numbers exponentially growing) and inhumane treatments violating numerous laws, including the US constitution, that it warrants immediate emergency attention at the federal level.

In Peter and Cathie Weissenberg’s story about their targeting, they discuss their encounter with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to help detect these exotic frequencies and stop their attacks.  They report that the FCC didn’t even leave a written report of the contact and only tested for an extremely narrow band of frequencies, despite certainly possessing the capability to detect frequencies within the entire electromagnetic spectrum, while the couple’s team of private investigators detected high levels of frequencies in their homes that were in the extremely lower limits of the frequencies that are ordinary in commercial use.  You may find the Weissenberg’s whole story in their 22 minute documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuC1ndL2L1A.

Currently there is a significant case in the Senate that set a precedent for our cause, Kyllo vs. US that upheld that the use of electronic surveillance of the inside of a person’s home violated the constitutional rights of the individual in the same way as a physical search.  However, the electronic torture crime is a very difficult and costly crime to prosecute for most ordinary civilians and we struggle to obtain any resolution to the crimes perpetrated against us.  Often, the community does not take these reports seriously due to the nature of these covert attacks with electronic weapons that are invisible and difficult to fully detect with most current technologies available to the average citizen.  Many authorities think victims are imagining their symptoms, and many victims do not have the resources to complete the comprehensive scanning services necessary to provide some degree of evidence, nor should they have to spend so much money to provide such evidence when the matter should be investigated at a federal level. This is a serious matter of public safety across the country requiring authorities to step in and help the significant number of victims suffering from these crimes.

I ask for your urgent help in this matter in way of opening a formal investigation at the federal level.  We need federal policies and legislation similar to the city ordinance passed recently in Richmond, CA, but at the federal level, and we need an immediate exhaustive investigation into these crimes for public safety with a large number of victims around the country.  We also need an immediate emergency order of protection and/or military grade shielding made available to victims for immediate protection as many of us are suffering serious damage from these electronic attacks from daily torture.  I recommend reading the book, “Guinnea Pigs” by Dr. John Hall, who is also working on a documentary film about this topic to help educate the community.  I appreciate your time and careful consideration in this very urgent matter.





Here is Max’s letter to the Attorney General: 

The Honorable

Loretta E. Lynch, Attorney General

Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Subject: Complaints by Victims of Gang Stalking and Electronic Assault Not Taken Seriously

Dear Attorney General Lynch:

The United States of America touts itself as the world’s champion of human rights; yet, it completely ignores a group of Americans who find themselves disenfranchised of the most basic human rights. I am talking about victims of systematic gang stalking and remote-driven physical and neurological attacks, assaulted by unseen and unknown attackers using COINTELPRO tactics and obviously highly classified devices/methods. Those victims refer to themselves as targets.

Some of the officers under your authority must necessarily know about this form of domestic terrorism although it receives no attention from the government on any level, from any law enforcement official, or from the media. Nevertheless, our complaints go uninvestigated. Congresspersons, executive branch individuals, including the FBI, and local and state authorities do not even answer our letters of complaints. In addition, local, state, and national law enforcement often stigmatize us as psychotic or paranoid schizophrenic. Indeed, we readily acknowledge that normal people who are continually harassed day and night do sometimes appear psychotic; however, the psychosis in their cases is induced rather than somatic.

Targets recognize that the symptoms of some of the recent shooters and mass murderers who have received international attention are often those of targeted individuals. Most targets, however, present no threat to anyone or to themselves. Notwithstanding, many of them find themselves isolated from family and friends, jobless, and oftentimes homeless. They suffer alone.

I urge you to appoint one of your highly trained and educated staff workers to research the topic of targeting. Many of us targets could be very helpful in orienting that person on the subject. A mass of material in the form of patent applications, documented precedents, credible published material, and targets’ personal stories await a serious study by the office of the attorney general.

I hope that you will view this letter in the same sense of urgency in which it is written—as a concerned citizen who wishes to lend authenticity and sincerity to the U.S.’s commitment to human rights. The apparent proliferation of targeting presents a challenge to the very existence of our form of democracy. Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,


Foreign Service (ret.)






Attention: Mr. Anthony D. Romero
American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004, USA




Dear Mr. Romero:


           Today I received an email from you on behalf of the ACLU with the following sentence in bold: “But we’ve also never stayed silent when people’s rights are on the line.


Mr. Romero, I, along with many other victims of remote electronic harassment and torture have already written to the ACLU numerous times and the ACLU has repeatedly refused to help victims of electronic torture in America neither legally nor to educate the public and simply speak out about these crimes.  I’m writing to you today to “call your bluff” and encourage you to really take a stand for liberty and civil rights when it comes to victims of remote electronic harassment, torture and experimentation without consent.  There are hundreds of thousands of victims who are desperately trying to get help so that our constitutional rights to be safe and free in our own homes, indeed in our own bodies and minds, will finally one day be upheld.


Victims of these crimes reside all over the world.  We have been uniting forces internationally and petitioning for help from organizations all over the world.


According to a recent letter by activist John Finch:

As long ago as 1994 in Montreux, Switzerland the International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC raised the issue of Psychotronic or Directed-Energy weapons, also at the Geneva Forum in 2002, and also in 2009 at the 5th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons and at the European Conference and at other conferences and meetings.

In January 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution where it calls “for an international convention introducing a global ban on all development and deployment of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings. It is our conviction that this ban can not be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general public on the governments. Our major objective is to get across to the general public the real threat which these weapons represent for human rights and democracy and to apply pressure on the governments and parliaments around the world to enact legislature which would prohibit the use of these devices to both government and private organizations as well as individuals.”  (Plenary sessions/Europarliament, 1999)

In October 2001, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich introduced a bill to the House of Representatives which, it was hoped would be extremely important in the fight to expose and stop psycho-electronic mind control experimentation on involuntary, non-consensual citizens. The Bill was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services and International Relations. In the original bill a ban was sought on ‘exotic weapons’ including electronic, psychotronic or information weapons, chemtrails, particle beams, plasmas, electromagnetic radiation, extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation, or mind control technologies. Despite the inclusion of a prohibition of the basing of weapons in space, and the use of weapons to destroy objects or damage objects in space, there is no mention in the revised bill of any of the aforementioned mind-invasive weaponry, nor of the use of satellite or radar or other energy based technology for deploying or developing technology designed for deployment against the minds of human beings. (Space Preservation Act, 2002)

Recently Magnus Olsson has created the World Coalition against Covert Harassment (WorldCACH.org) non-profit organization uniting victims all over the world.  Additionally, the International Conference on Covert Harassment has been meeting for the past two years in Europe, attracting scientists, and experts from all over the world to discuss these urgent issues that are affecting more and more people and that have the potential to affect all of humanity.  Feel free to look at lectures from experts from the recent International Convention on Covert Harassment from 2015 held in Berlin:  https://www.covertharassmentconference.com. Mr. Romero, if indeed it is true that the ACLU “… never stayed silent when people’s rights are on the line” then why is the ACLU silent on the issue of electronic harassment as millions of victims are tortured brutally and viciously around the world as the ultimate form of mental and physical enslavement?  These crimes will go down in history as the worst crimes against humanity.  Does the ACLU want to continue to remain silent on these extreme human rights abuses?  All it takes for evil, injustice and criminal violations against civil rights to triumph is for good to do nothing.

In Richmond, CA they recently passed a city ordinance to help victims of electronic harassment.  They recognized the extent of this problem affecting more and more people and how urgent it is to create legislation and policies against it.  Victims who are doing more activism are also getting more cities to take interest and pass city ordinances similar to the one in Richmond, CA.  To see the video of this landmark proceeding making Richmond, CA the first city in the US to directly enact a policy (they were supporting and modifying the Kucinich Space Preservation Act), specifically written to support individuals suffering from these electronic attacks, please visit this website at the time point 03:20:00:  http://richmond.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=11&clip_id=3811.  Mr. Romero, if your philosophy is, “we’ve also never stayed silent when people’s rights are on the line, then why is the ACLU still not helping victims of electronic harassment? 

Mr. John Finch recently wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court regarding his case along with the names of over 1500 victims suffering from the same crimes utilizing remote electronic warfare weapons to control and manipulate a person in some of the most horrific ways imaginable falling under all of the definitions of torture and violating all international human rights laws and protections. After he wrote to the ICC, over 100 other victims personally wrote in to the ICC individually with their cases as well.  Mr. Finch also wrote to the ACLU and received a response saying that the ACLU was not willing to help.


I quote Mr. John Finch when he wrote:

“These are crimes against humanity according to the Rome Statute in that they include –


1. Enslavement;
2. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
3. Torture;
4. Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
5. Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

These atrocities are being done to thousands of victims remotely with electronic or microwave technology.”

Victims have sought help from numerous other human rights organizations, local authorities including police, FBI, etc.  We have also conducted mass letter writing campaigns to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Everyone we reach out to refuses to directly help us while innocent civilians continue to be tortured in their own minds and bodies every day on American soil and are in need of very urgent help.    And the ACLU also remains silent on these egregious human rights violations.


Vladimir Putin defines these weapons as “the newest instrument for achieving political and strategic commerce.” For this, the Minister of Defense of Russia, Anatoly Serdyukov said that electromagnetic weapons have been an important component of national defense since 2011.  These weapons are being used globally to inflict the most inhumane torture on victims, to control, manipulate, and conduct non-consensual human experimentation.  It is unethical, illegal, and unconstitutional in every way.

Recently a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the U.S. Navy is conducting electronic warfare training on public roads in Olympia, WA, (http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/35111-exclusive-navy-secretly-conducting-electromagnetic-warfare-training-on-washington-roads) without regard to the Native American tribes living nearby, the people passing by on the public roads, or the wildlife in the Olympia National Forest.  This came out after 5 years of covert operations on public roads.  If this kind of carelessness is exercised with these electronic weapons, what else could be transpiring covertly? In light of actual cases being reported by numerous of victims, who also have physical evidence, this must be formally investigated.

These crimes are being called the “silent holocaust” and it is absolutely necessary to stop them immediately.  The world stood by and watched 6 million Jews die and now we just can’t have the world stand by and continue to ignore the cries and pleas for help from the hundreds of thousands of innocent torture victims all over the world.  The world also stood by and watched slavery persist for 200 years until finally it was ended.  We can’t wait any more for help.  Victims of electronic torture are often just barely kept alive, such as myself, and we need very urgent and comprehensive help immediately.  Is the ACLU going to continue to remain silent on these extreme human rights violations while continuing to advertise: “But we’ve also never stayed silent when people’s rights are on the line.


I discovered I was being attacked with electronic or Directed Energy Weapons in August, 2015 at 36 years of age.  I suddenly began experiencing a myriad of symptoms that are highly unusual and could not be attributable to typical physiological functions that made it obvious to me that my body and mind were being externally manipulated, and this was later confirmed with physical evidence in the form of frequency scanning with allocation reports, etc.  The symptoms have been very extremely severe and absolute torture day and night nearly incapacitating me.


Since I became aware of this crime in August 2015 I have been keeping a daily journal that is now well over 700 pages long discussing the many symptoms of electronic torture directed at me 24/7 in great detail, and I have video recordings of myself during very excruciatingly severe attacks often lasting many many hours day and night.  Additionally, I have gone to a private investigator who did frequency scanning.  A forensic toxicologist, did a patch test and found evidence of nano-techonologies in my body.  I also had a frequency allocation report completed based on the frequency scanning completed by the private investigator, tracing the frequencies, and found that some of the frequency bands directed at me specifically include those from: US Military, US federal government, US Department of Homeland Security, space research, and remote medical monitoring.  Further, I have purchased my own spectrum analyzer and have scanned my own frequencies at home, at work, at the library, and at the park and I continue to get the same frequency bands directed at me everywhere I go, corroborating the private investigator’s findings.  I have videotaped myself doing these frequency scans and I also will be putting them in notarized affidavits.  I am still waiting to receive some other frequency reports from the specialist.


The very fact that I have US military, and Dept. of Homeland security frequencies in my own home and wherever I go surveillancing me everywhere I go is an absolute violation to my constitutional rights, yet they are actually going much further than that and deliberately excruciatingly torturing me with their advanced directed energy weapons and pyschotronic weapons.  Edward Snowden has discussed the illegal surveillance of the American people.  What he says is true, but there is much much more to the story, and it involves the direct remote electronic attack of innocent American civilians such as myself and numerous others with the number of victims exponentially growing daily.


Additionally, I am completing an overnight sleep study which has the potential to show abnormal EEG results because it is known that these electronic attacks can easily be picked up on EEG with the abnormalities used as physical evidence of such attacks.  I have also seen a forensic psychologist specializing in trauma, PTSD and survivors of these electronic torture crimes and I have his report validating that he believes I am being attacked with electronic weapons given the amount of physical evidence I have gathered and that my case is not a case of mental illness of any type.  Keep in mind I am a very well educated speech-language pathologist having graduated summa cum laude with a 3.9 GPA with my BS degree and then a 3.7 GPA with my masters degree, then became a certified health coach as well as a certified aromatherapist and now also a certified English teacher and certified accent modification specialist.  I was functioning normally prior to the sudden onset of these extreme torture crimes.  I was managing my own private practice as a speech therapist working with young children, and previously had 12 years of experience as a speech therapist working in hospitals, nursing homes and schools.


Recently the Polish minister of defense officially conducted a televised press conference in which he stated that he is aware of these crimes happening in Poland with some known victims of non-consensual human experimentation with electronic weapons.  His very admission of the known presence of these crimes was a remarkable progress unknown to any other world leader.  He further stated that he would conduct a formal 6-month investigation into these crimes, which is also the first of its kind in the world.  Additionally, the former president of Poland was interviewed by the local media and he revealed and confirmed that he had received hundreds of letters from victims reporting these electronic torture crimes during his administration.  These public admissions are milestones in the progress we’re making in bringing these crimes to light in full exposure to finally end them.


Unfortunately, now the government of Poland is denying everything and completely ignoring the victims despite their previous promise of a formal investigation.  Victims are now protesting in the streets, gathering support from other victims from across Europe to join them in their protests. I heard Poland is also being investigated by the European Union with possible sanctions for violations against human rights because of their inappropriate surveillance practices.

There is a significant case in the US Senate that set a precedent for our cause, Kyllo vs. US that upheld that the use of electronic surveillance of the inside of a person’s home violated the constitutional rights of the individual in the same way as a physical search.  This case may help victims of these crimes pursue legal help.

Again, I plea that you urgently do ANYTHING to help victims of these crimes against humanity using covert electronic warfare weapons on innocent civilians to completely torture them mentally and physically in some of the most horrific ways imaginable. The number of victims is growing exponentially, absolutely expanding logarithmically across the country.  There are also known “hot-spots” for these crimes which include California, New York, Florida, and Texas, with other states growing more and more in these crimes as well.  There are victims all over the country, and moving to different states does not stop their harassment and torture.


How is it possible that hundreds of thousands of victims all over the world are complaining of similar symptoms?  The patterns in the cases are too similar to discount all of their claims, especially when so many victims have collected so much physical evidence already to prove our claims, especially when looking at the collective patterns and known advanced electronic warfare technologies, patents, etc., not to mention the actual CIA whistleblowers (i.e., Dr. Robert Duncan) who actually worked on these technologies themselves and became whistleblowers because of the way the technologies were being used to cause harm to people.  There is a great deal of evidence of these crimes.


Will you be true to your word now? “But we’ve also never stayed silent when people’s rights are on the line.”     If so, then thank you for not allowing these atrocious crimes against humanity to continue unabated and for helping to stop (or at least help expose) such egregious crimes similar to slavery and the holocaust.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.





My Name Signed

Enclosures:  David Voigts’ press release, Dr. John Hall’s open letter, Dr. Benjamin Colodzin’s open letter, Doctorate Health Professionals Who Acknowledge Remote Influence Technology, ACLU’s email I was responding to and quoted in this letter.