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Today is Sunday, 1/31/2016.  As you may have read on my About page, I am currently being severely tortured with electronic weapons.  Since the beginning of my attacks, at least when I discovered them back in August, 2015 (but I think I was covertly targeted long before then), my targeting involved an extreme amount of sexual assault.  The directed energy weapons attack my genitals causing unwanted sexual stimulation in various ways.  I can feel the electronic beam doing various things including a pulsation like a tapping, a vibration, a feeling of the muscles squeezing tightly and spasms without my control, and a throbbing sensation.  All of these are aimed directly at the genitals and in various levels of intensity so that it is just barely perceptible to the intolerable agony level.  To further unveil the nature of the beast, they also do odd things to my buttocks, including vibrating the muscles, inflicting odd pains, etc.  They also inflict sharp pains in the genitals as well, but usually it is forced sexual stimulation.

In fact, the first night they started doing this electronic sexual stimulation of the genitals on me I endured an entire night of repeated forced orgasms, one after the other, the entire night long.  I also developed severe muscle twitches in my legs from the electromagnetic radiation most likely.  By dawn I had developed a Parkinson’s tremor on my chin from the severe Dopamine depletion caused by excessive orgasms.  This is obviously not a natural body reaction and is clearly being produced by external forces.  It is not normal for women to just have spontaneous orgasms repeatedly the whole night long to the point of developing Parkinson’s symptoms from extreme Dopamine depletion.  Especially when it is known that the CIA/NSA/Military has electronic weapons capable of inflicting such heinous tortures.

For the past 5 months of my targeting with electronic torture my attacks have been heavily focused on sexual attacks such as that described above, to various degrees.  It is unbearable and inhumane, downright barbaric and perverse what the perpetrators of these crimes are doing.  I get the distinct impression, along with other victims I’ve heard speak about this, that the perpetrators may be mostly older men.  In at least 2 surveys through FFCHS I learned that 70% of victims are women.

Anyway, last night they were at it again and did severe sexual stimulation of the genitals all night long with no sleep, except maybe an hour or so by late morning.  It was so severe I was screaming at the top of my lungs and crying for hours all night long.  I’m sure my neighbors are tired of hearing the screaming coming from my apartment, it’s probably like living in a third world country listening to some rare torture victim screaming.

Last night by around 3 am, after being exhausted from enduring so much torture and from screaming and crying so much, I kept trying to think of someone to contact to talk to.  I tried calling the FFCHS conference number for their Saturday night late night after hours conference call, but that was not available.  So I searched online to some help line I could contact for support just to talk to someone, as the torture often diminishes when I’m talking with someone and I needed the support.  So I contacted the online helpline connected with RAINN, https://ohl.rainn.org/online/.  They are an organization that helps victims of sexual assaults.  They have an online chat managed by volunteers 24/7.  When I contacted them, the volunteer that responded to me, I’ll call Emily, was polite and courteous, but clearly didn’t know what to say to me due to being uninformed about electronic harassment.

I explained to her that I was being heavily attacked with electronic sexual assaults with no sleep all night and needed someone to talk to.  She submitted into the chat information about my privacy rights, which is that I have the right to remain anonymous during our chat, etc.  And asked if I was in a safe place at the moment.  Standard procedures.  Then she asked me to tell her more about what was happening.

I explained about the electronic sexual assaults and even provided a link to my website encouraging her to read more about it, and referenced Dr. John Hall’s book, Guinea Pigs, and the Targeted Couple’s 22 min documentary (see link in “Links” post), and even mentioned the recent passing of the city ordinance in Richmond, CA supporting victims of electronic harassment, etc.

Her response was to give me a referral to a mental health agency.

Again, I tried explaining to her what was happening and that this was not a mental health issue.

She responded that she was not able to help me because it didn’t fall within her scope of services they provide and that they just help victims of sexual assault.

Again I told her I was enduring severe electronic sexual assault and it was not a matter of me being crazy and that I just needed someone to talk to about it.  I left some links to further education on the matter and ended the chat.

It is lamentable when an organization that says it is there to help people with cases of sexual assault can’t even talk to a victim to help them through a horrible night of torture from one of the most heinous types of attacks; electronic sexual assaults.

I recently started this website last week out of my experience with increasingly extreme levels of electronic torture.  The harder they hit me with it the more passionately I engage in activism activities.  I am on the verge of loosing my business and having to move somewhere else to survive, but I’m spending lots of my little moments of time here and there to do as much activism as I can.  Little by little I am adding more and more posts on this site and hope to someday write my memoir to share my story in full details.

I know we will someday soon see our victory over these evil crimes against humanity.  During Saturday night’s conference call through the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, they discussed a professional survey for those of us experiencing electronic terrorism coming soon and will be available online to all victims.  Please stay tuned for further details because we want as many Targeted Individuals to participate in the survey as possible.

After my experience from an extreme night of relentless, merciless, barbaric, brutal inhumane torture and my experience trying to reach out for support to the RAINN organization just trying to talk with somebody through the ordeal, I completed another act of activism: Here is another form letter I completed and posted on the Activism page so that you can send this organization in your activism efforts.  Please feel free to modify and edit it as you wish.  I personally edited it to include further details of my personal story and attacks and how my attacks have been extremely sexually oriented in nature.  Here is my sample form letter you can edit:  Letter to RAINN FORM LETTER

Freedom to all,

Liberty Wrider


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